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Essays in Honour of Michael Taggart
Edited by David Dyzenhaus, Murray Hunt and Grant Huscroft
This book of essays, dedicated to Michael Taggart by a group of his academic and judicial friends, marks his enormous contribution to the common law.
Hardback 9781841139234 £54.00
Adobe PDF ebook 9781847314932 £48.60
Published February 2009 More info
Courts, Speech and Constitutions
Ian Cram
This book draws on the constitutionalization of expression interests across the common law world to re-assess the permissible restraints on speech.
Hardback 9781841130385 £54.00
Adobe PDF ebook 9781847311658 £48.60
Published October 2002 More info
A Comparative Study
Eric Barendt
The first critical analysis of the law relating to academic freedom in three major jurisdictions: the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.
Paperback 9781841136943 £47.00
Adobe PDF ebook 9781847316103 £42.30
ePub 9781847318039 £42.30
Published November 2010 More info
A Study of Tribunal Adjudication
Robert Thomas
Integrating empirical research with legal analysis, this book provides an in-depth study of the development and operation of asylum decision-making.
Paperback 9781841139364 £55.00
Adobe PDF ebook 9781847316240 £49.50
ePub 9781847317728 £49.50
Published January 2011 More info
Edited by Michael Adler
This interdisciplinary book comprises a definitive collection of papers on administrative justice, written by a set of distinguished contributors.
Paperback 9781841139289 £57.00
Adobe PDF ebook 9781847315755 £51.30
ePub 9781847317537 £51.30
Published April 2010 More info
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