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Edited by Fatemeh Ebtehaj, Jonathan Herring, Martin H Johnson and Martin Richards
This collection of essays from the Cambridge Socio-Legal Group is concerned with the varying circumstances, manner, timing and experiences of birth. 
Paperback 9781849461887 £45.00
Adobe PDF ebook 9781847316707 £40.50
ePub 9781847318572 £40.50
Published July 2011 More info
Jonathan Herring
This book considers the law's response to caring. It explores how care is valued and recognised, how it is regulated and restricted and how the values of caring are reflected in the law. 
Paperback 9781849461061 £30.00
Adobe PDF ebook 9781782251125 £27.00
ePub 9781782251132 £27.00
Published April 2013 More info
Ius Commune Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe
Ius Commune Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe
Edited by Dagmar Schiek, Lisa Waddington and Mark Bell (with the collaboration of Tufyal Choudhury, Olivier De Schutter, Janneke Gerards, Aileen McColgan and Gay Moon)
The book illustrates the distinct relationship between international, European and national legislation in the field of non-discrimination law.
Paperback 9781841137483 £50.00
ePub 9781847316974 £45.00
Published August 2007 More info
Oñati International Series in Law and Society
Comparative Perspectives
Edited by Kim Brooks, Åsa Gunnarsson, Lisa Philipps and Maria Wersig
This volume examines the effects that gender has had in shaping tax law and how taxation impacts upon the possibilities for equality in other areas.
Hardback 9781849461238 £66.00
Adobe PDF ebook 9781847316547 £59.40
Published May 2011 More info
Social and Legal Perspectives
Edited by Luca Trappolin, Alessandro Gasparini and Robert Wintemute
The essays in this volume illustrate the findings of a European project on homophobia and fundamental rights in which sociologists and lawyers have analysed the position in four Member States: Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and UK.
Paperback 9781849462754 £10.50
ePub 9781847318282 £9.45
Published December 2011 More info
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